Board Simulations

The Boardroom Simulation Events are a series of targeted events to provide Chairmen of companies looking to engage a diverse board the opportunity to engage and be exposed to the Middle East’s most ambitious, dynamic directors and aspiring directors. By the same token, they offer aspiring Boardroom professionals unparalleled exposure to the sharpest business minds in the GCC, whilst offering a unique learning experience.

Why should you be part of the Boardroom
Simulation Initiative?

For Chairpeople, Boardroom Executives and Headhunters

Boards are in charge of steering companies and guiding management. The board’s responsibilities revolve around supporting and overseeing the organisation‘s performance. It is imperative for companies to have the most effective and efficient Boardroom, with members having the diversity of skills that will drive the company’s competitiveness and effective decision-making. As regional companies grow and expand, the diversity of talent and skills in the boardroom will be key to success. Your involvement in the Boardroom Simulation initiatives will foster your access to the cream of the crop.

For Boardroom Aspirants

As a professional with Boardroom aspirations, you need to ensure that your skill-set is fine-tuned to Boardroom requirements. Through specially-designed Boardroom simulations, you will be exposed to the kinds of issues and dynamic tensions faced by regional boards whilst obtaining first-hand feedback from the GCC’s most illustrious businessmen and women.