Certified Board Secretary

The role of the company secretary has evolved in recent years from being a mere support person to becoming one of the key governance professionals within an organisation.


A Company Secretary plays a key role in advancing corporate governance within the Boardroom by ensuring that the board is adhering to corporate governance and that a healthy relationship exists between the board and management.

The CBSW is designed as a continuous learning program. It starts with a 3 days’ workshop on the fundamentals of Board Secretarial skills, followed by a 2 days’ advanced workshop, targeting more experienced company secretaries.

Who should attend?

  • Appointed and aspiring company secretaries
  • Compliance professionals
  • Those who seek to better understand the role of the Company Secretary, and who have responsibility for corporate governance practices or interact with the board

For Companies Listed on the Dubai Financial Market:

Acknowledging the role and importance of a Company Secretary, the Dubai Financial Market is a pioneer in mandating that listed companies must have their company secretaries certified by Hawkamah. They therefore need to enroll their board secretaries in Hawkamah’s CBSW. The move aims to further professionalise the function and to enhance the performance of listed companies’ boards.


Day 1: General Training

  • Scope, Role and Responsibilities of the Company Secretary
  • Role of the Company Secretary in conducting effective board meetings


Day 2: Corporate Governance Rules

  • Corporate Governance Rules
  • Transparency and Disclosure


Day 3: Masterclass

  • Minutes Writing
  • Board Evaluation
  • Future Trends


Day 4&5: Advanced Skills Workshop

  • Board pack
  • Board dynamics
  • Delegating Authority
  • Board committees
  • Advising the Chairman
  • Managing reputational risk



  • The workshop equips the participants with the essential skills and knowledge required to effectively carry out their roles and responsibilities in line with international best practice.
  • It provides participants with considerable practical knowledge and advice to carry out their duties as Board Secretaries
  • Participants will understand the key roles the board secretary plays in order to support the board and top management, and in ensuring effective organizational governance structures and practices.
  • Participants will develop an understanding of how to deal with real life corporate governance problems and challenges.


Each participant will receive an attendance certificate after the completion of the workshop. Participants can undergo an optional online assessment to become a Certified Company Secretary. To pursue the certification, the attendee has to successfully pass an online exam, the participant will receive a certification of completion “Certified Company Secretary” from the Institute and DFM.

List of Certified Board Secretaries:

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