Hawkamah Institute for Governance Welcomes the Publication of the DFM Guide to Support ESG Reporting


Hawkamah, the Institute for Governance, today announced its support for the 2023 Dubai Financial Market (DFM) ESG reporting guide, a comprehensive guide designed to enhance organisations’ ESG practices and transparency.

The institute has unveiled a range of practical support workshops to assist companies in defining, implementing, and measuring the outcomes of their ESG activities.

The report provides valuable insights, practical frameworks, and best practices to help companies align their business strategies with sustainability objectives, foster transparency, and drive long-term value.

Notably, the report references DFM’s initiative to launch S&P/Hawkamah’s ESG Index for the MENA region, encouraging listed companies to embrace ESG best practices.

Dr Ahmad Bin Hassan Al Shaikh, Chairman of Hawkamah, emphasized the strategic importance of incorporating ESG considerations into corporate governance practices.

He stated, “The DFM 2023 ESG reporting guide is essential for equipping companies with a transformative roadmap that enables them to navigate the evolving sustainability landscape.

This guide is a powerful tool for benchmarking progress, implementing best practices, and effectively meeting stakeholder expectations.

Together, we are shaping a future where ESG integration becomes the norm, unlocking new opportunities for sustainable growth and positioning our region as a leader in responsible business practices.”

To support the adoption of ESG practices, Hawkamah has also announced upcoming ESG events, including a webinar in collaboration with Nasdaq titled, “Getting to Net Zero will require carbon offset strategies and efforts to reduce emissions.”

Hawkamah’s support for the DFM’s mission to drive sustainable business practices in the region demonstrates its commitment to encouraging all companies to embrace sustainability as a core business principle.

For more information or to access the full 2023 DFM ESG Reporting Guide, please visit hawkamah.org.