Hawkamah Institute for Corporate Governance celebrates 17 years of excellence


Hawkamah, the leading institute for governance, celebrates another year of outstanding achievements in shaping corporate governance throughout the MENA. With over 100 years of advisory board members' experience and over 30 international strategic partnerships and associations, Hawkamah has been a pivotal force in driving better governance for companies and the region for almost two decades.

Founded on the principle that good governance is key to sustainable and successful businesses, Hawkamah has gathered leaders and experts worldwide to promote corporate governance frameworks and practices in the region through working with regulators and international institutions. 

Dr Ahmad Bin Hassan Al Sheikh, chairman of Hawkamah Institute for Governance, said: "We are proud of our journey and the impact we have had over the past 17 years in shaping a culture of good governance in the Middle East and North Africa. We remain dedicated to promoting sustainable economic growth through strong corporate governance practices, and we look forward to continuing this journey with our partners and stakeholders."

Hawkamah, being the leading corporate governance knowledge hub of the region, is offering its expertise through training programs, advisory services and bringing international experts to grow the governance landscape. It was founded in the region for the region and works to support the agenda of Dubai and the UAE, which is essential for attracting investment to ensure the financial and economic development of the region. The organisation has helped raise awareness of the importance of corporate governance, increasing businesses adopting best practices. The institute has been at the forefront of growing a culture of governance in the UAE, from generating early awareness and interest to paving the way for risk management and governance of future advanced technologies.

Hawkamah has trained corporate directors, board members and employees from over 15 countries, helping them improve their governance practices and has published extensive, reliable reports highlighting the importance of corporate governance. The institute has now certified 190 board secretaries and 170 certified directors, demonstrating its commitment to improving regional corporate governance practices.