Power Breakfast

As part of our ongoing commitment to frame and enhance discussions on good corporate governance, we organise the Power Breakfast series. These are usually morning events that last for two or three hours, designed for networking of practitioners, sharing of regional challenges and global best practices and end up with discussions on next steps for better governance.

Hawkamah, guided by the views and suggestions of its members, choose the topics relevant based on the arising issues in the region or globally, then frame and design the discussions between the expert and practitioner panelists to focus on empirical perspectives, reality checks and practical solutions.

Power Breakfasts are also a great hub for learning from practical experiences, not only from panellists and speakers, but also from attendees who join from different countries, organisations and backgrounds.

Example of previous power breakfasts:

- VAT Implementation: What Boards Need to Know

- Power Breakfast: Effective Board Communication

- Power Breakfast: Role of the Company Secretary and governance professional in an IPO

- “Effective interaction between Boards and their committees”